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Tender Dreams | 2015
Documentary Film

Tender Dreams | 2015

As part of my final under graduation project, I was to make a documentary film. The topic I had chosen, was about migrant daily wage workers and their children. It documents their lives as they move to a big city like Bangalore, India in search of better lives, only to find out that life is as difficult and meagre as it was in their villages. The children on the other hand though, find solace and happiness in almost anything.

I found myself involved in almost every aspect of documentary filmmaking - right from the research, scripting stage to the ideation, planning, production and finally to the editing stage for completing the final film. As it was a solo project, I had got my hands into almost every aspect, thus making me learn and experience the nuances and challenges of documentary filmmaking. It's exactly what a budding filmmaker would want in his final year of college.

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