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Supertails | 2021
Training Video Promo

Supertails | 2021
Training Video Promo

Supertails provides customized training sessions for pets. Supertails approached me to create teaser films for each of their thirteen training modules, to ensure that customers know exactly what to expect. 

Supertails believes in making sure our experience as pet parents is joyous and full-filling. Being a pet parent isn't easy and sometimes can be filled with uncertainties and anxiety. That's where Supertails comes into the picture. They provide tailor-made comprehensive pet care be it, health care, training, or even pet supplies for a happier pet and a happier parent. 

With its network of experts, Supertails is one of a kind.

Supertails Training | Introduction
Supertails Training | Pre-training
Supertails Training | Tricks Training
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