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Behind the Camera

A little about me


With years of uninterrupted work experience in advertising and digital marketing as a Creative Visualizer and a Video Producer,
I have comfortably set a standard for myself, all the while building skills and gaining experience in the industry.

Having finished my Master’s in Film, particularly cinematography as a specialization in Screen Academy Scotland (Edinburgh Napier University), I was able to gain a lot of experience being exposed to films and the workings on a set. During my stint in Scotland, I have had the chance to work in multiple reasonably-budgeted films in the camera department and I have been a cinematographer in three other Scottish films.

I am now an Entrepreneur, Cinematographer, video content creator and a founder of an end-to-end media production house called

Upper Grove Studio that lends Film and Visual Content Creation as well as branding and marketing services, currently taking up projects independently for various clients across India and a few globally. I am also involved in collaborating with like-minded people and at the same time looking out for opportunities in ads, film, and/or TV as a cinematographer, camera assistant, and a Creative Visualizer.



  1. RazorpayX Loop of Trust Campaign (India, 2023)

  2. Supertails Sucess Stories (India, 2022) 

  3. Indian Railways x Samarthanam Documentary Film (India, 2022)

  4. Supertails Ads (India, 2022)

  5. School Of India Promo Film (India, 2021)

  6. Brand Video (India, 2021)

  7. The Brigade Schools Promo (India, 2020)

  8. The Venezuela Effect (Short) (the UK, 2019)

  9. Oh (Short) (the UK, 2019)

  10. Mugged (Short) (the UK, 2018)

  11. Furlenco Bumper Commercials (India, 2017)

  12. Byju's Children's Day Campaign (India, 2016)

1st Assistant Camera

  1. Bloody Love Dancing (Short) (the UK, 2019)

  2. Song Heard in the Mountains (Short) (the UK, 2019)

  3. Doppelparents (Short) (the UK, 2019)

  4. But Someone Was There (Short) (the UK, 2019)

  5. Bare Walls (Short) (the UK, 2019)

  6. The Sun Once Died (Short) (the UK, 2019)

  7. Smashed (Short) (the UK, 2018)

  8. Sleep Tight (Short) (the UK, 2018

2nd Assistant Camera

  1. Philia (Short) (the UK, 2019)

  2. Donna (Short) (the UK, 2019)

Camera Operator

  1. Dig (Short) (the UK, 2019)

  2. Dust to Dust (Short) (the UK, 2018)

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